Jason Gay

August 3, 2017

Post #4440 – 20170803

dear Mr P,

My son and I are totally hooked on Irving and Muktuk. We love them even if they are recidivist criminals

The books are incredibly sly and droll and funny and we laugh out loud.

We had a question if you think Bad Bears should be read in order, and if so, what is the proper order?

Jason and Jesse

Daniel replies:

I guess IRVING AND MUKTUK, TWO BAD BEARS, then BAD BEARS IN THE BIG CITY, and after that the other...how many are there, three?...in any order at all. I assume you know of the Larry books about a decent, more or less law-abiding polar bear, do you not? Irving and Muktuk make some appearances. Those go YOUNG LARRY; AT THE HOTEL LARRY, and the rest of the series is the usual chaos.