Aaron Mason

June 23, 2017

Post #4418 – 20170623

Finally got to visit Hoboken. The Clam Broth House sign is still there and has been re-lit so that was fun. The restaurant (or its replacement (called Biggie's)) is still there too. Thanks for the referral even if it wasn't intended to be. Had the steamer clams. They were absolutely fantastic. Went to the Lakawana RR ferry and train terminal – it probably looks a lot the same as when you frequented the neighborhood. It was a wonderful day thanks to your memoirs or the version of them that made it into the books. Thanks for the stories. It was well worth the trip. It is still a lovely place. You can walk along the riverfront and be with people and hit up food trucks or look at Manhattan from a safe distance, and just have a generally wonderful time. Just in case you haven't been by in a while, Hoboken is still wonderful. And boy those clams are a treat!

Daniel replies:

Oh, those steamers (also called soft shell, and steamboat). I don't suppose the men-only bar with the swinging doors, and free clam broth (also free lunch with purchase of a 15 cent beer) is still there. I'm not really sure those clams are safe to eat--although I've eaten enough of them to have possibly built up an immunity to clam fever. Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Stephen Foster, Willem de Kooning, Oscar Wilde, Blind Tom Wiggins, and actually every great and famous person in the last 150 years visited that bar, and now you have!