John Bourke

June 23, 2017

Post #4417 – 20170623

I've only just learned of Mr. Pinkwater – we just lost one of our Huskies to an aggressive cancer. I've written doggie stories before and posted them online to share, but was told by friends to 1) go find and read Mr. Pinkwater's works, particularly about his malamute Arnold (my wife & I have had 2 malamutes), and 2) see if he has any advice about how to approach writing some of these for publication instead of blogs.

I don't know if he has any potential speaking appearances in or near Boston MA or near Norwalk CT, but would love to buy a round of coffee (or tea, or dog biscuits) to spend a few minutes with him and introduce him to Max (the older surviving Husky) and, of course, my wife.

He's welcome to check out Max's FB page if he'd like:

…I'm looking forward to reading his tales. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

My advice about submitting stories for publication: Send them to publishers and see if they want to buy them. My condolences on the loss of your husky--we pay a price for having longer lives than our dogs. I don't do speaking engagements, or go much of anywhere these days, but give Max a biscuit for me.