Kevin Cheek

May 7, 2017

Post #4403 – 20170507

I really miss your weblishing. There was a great joy in reading your novels a chapter a week and chatting online with all the others sharing the experience. Is there any chance of this happening again?
Thank you,

Daniel replies:

Well, to do that I'd have to finish a novel.  I have several incomplete ones, but they wouldn't do.  I seem not to be able to complete a book if there's no publisher, no money, at the end.  Up until quite recently there haven't been any prospects.  Now I have one, and as soon as I take care of some loose ends, and decide what book to write, there will be one, and I will be happy to weblish it, if the publisher agrees.  So, maybe in a year or a year and a bit?  Thanks for asking.