David from Arizona

March 7, 2017

Post #4386 – 20170307

I loved checking out your books when we went to the library when I was very small, and read them over and over.

Now, some many decades later I find I'm about to be a father myself and have been stressing everyone out with my worrywarting. Then, in a conversation I had with a friend about books we loved growing up it occured to me that getting to share your stories with another tiny person is going to be a lot of fun, and that things might just turn out ok. I needed that.

I'm so excited to find you have a podcast, a deep and heartfelt thanks for many warm memories, wishing you the very best!!!

Daniel replies:

I don't know anything about parenting, never having done it, and the children I've come in contact with have understandably usually been of reading age. (I have had a number of dogs and I sometimes read to them, but honestly I don't think the content matters.) However, I have had a great many reports from parents of children who report that reading to and with the kiddies is very satisfactory. I have an older sister, (now a really old sister,) who read to me throughout my childhood, and that is the reason I grew up to be a writer and person of culture instead of a boor and quasi-gangster like the rest of our family--so I think you're probably on the right track. Say hello for me to the new person, and I hope you'll both enjoy reading time.