Brent Bowser

February 8, 2017

Post #4379 – 20170208

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I just wanted to thank you. I read Lizard Music when I was nine years old checked out from my school's library in Fayetteville, Ohio. The amount of time it was checked out on my behalf was enough there was concern it was preventing other people from reading it, too. It's inspired me two write and draw my own webcomic, and likely a sequel if I ever get around to it. I've even named a character Reynold, but his storyline was not a particularly nice one in the end, but I digress… I'm glad to know that I can let you know this personally, and I hope your work continues to inspire kids for years. –Brent "Mariner the Raccoon" Bowser

Daniel replies:

I should thank you, not you thank me, because without readers...that's you...anything I may have done is just some goofy guy writing stuff for his own amusement and to no particular purpose. It's just words on a page until you process it through your own creative and unique mind. So, thank you.