January 15, 2017

Post #4364 – 20170115

does this site work the way it is designed to? specifically, when trying to listen to an audiobook (and not to download it) one hears one chapter and then … nada!! you have to actually remember which chapter number you just listened to and then back up to the prior menu page and then click on the next chapter in the sequence … using chrome, anyway. is it me? given the limited attention span that your books engender in my brain, it would be easier just to go by chapter duration, but time times listed in the selection page tend to not match those of the chapters themselves. should this be fixed, you think?

i don't suppose there's a way to listen to an entire ouvre, without this little de facto robot check after every chapter? not a real robot check i have to say…

thank you for your ouvres tho. i once sent you a case of h and h bagels what? maybe 25 years ago! ha! 😀

Daniel replies:

From Webmaster Ed -- we've improved the download section! Check it out!