ozhekno fielder

November 27, 2016

Post #4355 – 20161127

what are your thoughts on the election of donald trump and the intrusion of white nationalism into the mainstream? do you have any advice for people who are scared?

Daniel replies:

My advice is do not be scared, be active. It is up to us citizens to help the President all we can--this would include helping him understand that it is a job, not the same as being a mogul, and we are his bosses. Oppose any act or statement that you feel does not reflect the character and interests of the nation. Get in the habit of writing and calling your congressional representatives, following the news, and participating in organized protest when called for. I don't believe """"white nationalists"""" are really part of the mainstream, the big meeting they held last week in Washington was attended by around 200 sick men. They remain a minority, and one of the things we have to help our President with is understanding that decent Americans despise their views, (and possibly his).