hemant nayak

October 9, 2016

Post #4331 – 20161009

Hi Daniel

Your awesome fiction has kept us entertained for years, but it was SUPERPUPPY that has saved me!

This super cute terrier mutt from the pound has more energy than all my family combined and I forgot how much energy a puppy has. But she is happily worrying a 3inch beef leg bone as explained in Superpuppy which gives me a few minutes to breath and get a little work done. A great deal of the advice has been helpful though I have not tried the glycerin suppositories.

thanks again and please keep writing!

Daniel replies:

Superpuppy is a little bit outdated, I think, even though we revised it once a few years ago. One thing I would change today is offering the choke chain as the primary choice as a training collar. These are fine when used correctly, but that entails a skill best learned from an experienced trainer. Used wrong, they could possibly do damage. I'm not a fan of the """"gentle leader"""" style nose harness either. They may not really be so gentle at all. Possibly the safest and most humane kind of training collar is the scary-looking prong kind, or """"Herm Sprenger"""" collar. You can try one on your own arm and see that it's not painful, but not easy to ignore. The gylcerine suppositories are helpful as an occasional adjunct to a housebreaking program based on timing as we explain in the book. The main category of stuff I'd want to change or expand if we were to revise the book again is the kind of thing Cesar Milan is so good at conveying--the idea that the dog is reactive to your state of mind, and you can do a lot to form the relationship, and create the dog you want, just by projecting a consistent attitude. Good luck with your dog!