Terry M Gordon

September 14, 2016

Post #4320 – 20160914

I am now confused. I was just at Mike Rosen's house and I was asking if he knew you (he did – as did Mim Chenfeld) or Chris van Allsburg (he did). I remembered you from when you were a contributor to All Things Considered but have not heard you in ages. Then, on this website, it references NPR appearances. Are you still on NPR? (I used to enjoy listening to your commentaries)

Daniel replies:

I was a contributor to All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition Saturday for about 25 years, and did lots of other radio things too. That is a long time to work in a competitive and political environment without participating in alliances, plots, coups, and relationships of convenience. At last someone rose to a certain level who either didn't like me, or needed to sacrifice a popular broadcaster to demonstrate power, or both. So they stopped using my stuff. I can't complain--it was lots of fun.