Kevin Howes

September 14, 2016

Post #4319 – 20160914

Hello from Vancouver, B.C., Canada!
I am a 41-year-old music producer who was greatly influenced by your book Wingman growing up in terms of cultural awareness, diversity, and creativity. I have been looking for any additional information/context about this book, its creation, the characters, and hoping that you might be able to share any memories.
Sending my best!

Daniel replies:

I lived in a loft building in Hoboken, New Jersey, where my neighbor, a math professor, and I, became friends. In the evenings, we took to drinking coffee, and he told me stories of his early life. I based the setting and characters in Wingman on his stories. He also took me to the old neighborhood, where I was able to photograph, the laundry, the school, the kids climbing on the George Washington Bridge, etc., and I used the photos in making the illustrations.