Susan Thompson

September 12, 2016

Post #4317 – 20160912

When I was a kid I read Lizard Music and then a little later, Alan Mendelson, the Boy From Mars. They were two of my all time favorite reads. Now as a 47 year old mom, I brought my old copy of Alan Mendelson along on a recent family camping trip and read aloud nightly around the campfire. I can't tell you how much fun it was to share that book with my kids (11 and 12 years old ) and to hear them laughing out loud with the description of the various adults in that book. The begged me to keep reading late into the night. We were in the desert, stars carpeting the sky, the light of the fire glowing on our faces, and that wonderful, quirky book keeping us all entertained. It was magnificent! Thank you, Daniel Manus Pinkwater, for all the good times I've had with your books!

Daniel replies:

What an honor, that a book of mine should be part of that splendid memory! I was raised and educated not to dwell too much on the glory of being an author, but once in a while....well, thank you very much.