August 22, 2016

Post #4309 – 20160822

Hi Mr. Pinkwater!

I just re-read "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars" as the 44-year-old adult that I now am (having read it many, many times as a kid). It really holds up, and the adult characters are even better at 44 🙂

I have many unanswered questions about the book, but perhaps the one I'd most like answered is: was the Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor based on a real place? Have you, in real life, eaten Green Death chili? I'm thinking of opening such a place when I retire (with your permission, of course!)


Daniel replies:

You don't need my permission to retire. I have been in some chili joints a sane person would cross the street to avoid breathing nearby, and I still wake up screaming when I dream of a chile I ate in Africa in 1967. As we age, we tend to become less robust. I suggest you take this into account, and name your enterprise, RETIRED PERSON'S CHILI PARLOR.