marie jones

August 22, 2016

Post #4306 – 20160822

Mr. Pinkwater,

I am a high school drama teacher in Wake Forest, NC who has always admired eggplant and your stories. My students and I provide an educational matinee series for elementary children in our county. We would like to present a dramatization of your story, "The Big Orange Splot," as one of our selections this year with your permission.

Admiror unicornium,
Marie Jones

Daniel replies:

I am honored. You have my permission provided it is for school use, and you do not charge admission, or sell copies, transcriptions, videos, long playing 33 1/3 rpm grooved stereo phonograph records, player piano rolls, or polaroid photographs. Also you may not broadcast it on radio, TV, wifi, the internet, flashing lights or semaphore, sell it to Hollywood, or commission a Broadway musical based on the book. And you may not teach chickens to sing the words while accompanying themselves on guitars, (however, if you can do that, I would be willing to talk.) I think that covers everything, and good luck.