Gwen G.

June 25, 2016

Post #4291 – 20160625

Thanks so much for your books. As a child I wasn't interested in reading until I read Lizard Music. Your books made me a life long reader! Thank you Mr Pinkwater!!

Daniel replies:

You're not the first person to pay me this very high compliment. I can't say it was my object to make you a lifelong reader...but I have always thought that writers, and artists of all kinds, ought to respect the people who read or otherwise experience the art. I think I have done that, mostly...and I think that is why many people, encountering my work, have found out that they like to read. So I am going to assume that you are intelligent, and disliked things you were given to read that seemed to suggest that you were not. It's a big honor to have a reader like you.