Mrs. Daisy

May 28, 2016

Post #4280 – 20160528

My fourth grade students just read a short biography about you. They say, "We love you! If you could write any other novel what would it be?"

Daniel replies:

You love me? I love you! If I could write any other novel.... I CAN write any other novel! I know how it's done, and I have done it a number of times, so I know I can do it. But what would the novel be? What would it be about? Who would it be about? These are questions I ask myself. Sometimes I don't come up with any answers for a year, maybe two years. I just walk around mumbling to myself. Then....well, this is the way it has always happened so far....I notice I am writing something. """"What is this thing I am writing?"""" I ask myself. It is a novel! I still don't know what it's about, so I keep writing. So, I can't answer your question. I won't know what the book is until I write it.