April 1, 2016

Post #4245 – 20160401

Hello Mr Pinkwater,

My good friend is an author and today she lamented that, after a productive, 2000 word morning, her cat walked across the keyboard, sending all her good work to the ether.

I recall an essay or radio bit you did about a similar situation, your computer freezing up, which segued into a discussion about an artist whose spray fixative was replaced with black paint.

Can you tell me the title of this piece and perhaps point me to where it might be found? Neither my failing memory nor the Google machine are of any help. I'd like to send it to her by way of enlightenment/commiseration.


Daniel replies:

I don't remember the title, or if it has one, but I'm pretty sure it's in FISH WHISTLE or CHICAGO DAYS, HOBOKEN NIGHTS, findable on Amazon and other places in various forms. Tell your friend the cat may have done her a favor--the 2000 words will probably be better when she rewrites, and now she will never forget to save her work every five minutes as she goes along.