Patricia G

March 19, 2016

Post #4242 – 20160319

Hi Mr. Pinkwater – my 2 sons and I have been listening to Looking for Bobowicz, in a cliffhanger sort of way, as we drive around suburbia – to/ from school or grandma's house or wherever we happen to be going. The story stops as we do, and resumes as soon as we all pile back into the car. My 8 year old is riveted by the tale (I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the classics written as comics – for him, of course). And just today, I found myself explaining to my 5 year old, who thrives on the absurd, what "No add mittens" (no admittance) means. I think he understood, although you might have a better definition. At any rate, the next installment awaits… we are most grateful for your storytelling.

Daniel replies:

In German, it would be """"Nicht mit Mittens,"""" which means """"Persons wearing mittens may not enter.""""