Sarah Norton

November 19, 2015

Post #4177 – 20151119

O Divine One,
I’d like to join the legion of readers requesting a reprint of “The Wuggie Norple Story.” I read it to my two sons, my three grandsons, and now I have a great-nephew and two great-nieces who require a nightly dose of Wuggie Norple, or their childhoods will be incomplete. The first copy I bought (35 years ago), was misprinted–two of the pages were transposed. My flipping back and forth to read the story in sequence undoubtedly contributed to the book’s falling apart. I replaced it, of course; in fact, I’ve bought at least two dozen copies over the years. Wuggie Norple is the best antidote to grumpiness, sadness, and ill humour that I know of. Too bad you can’t bottle it. . .
If I knew how to start a petition to encourage your publisher to move quickly, I would.
Thank you for many, many years of delightful and delighted reading!

Daniel replies:

If you, or anyone, could invent a kind of petition, or pill, or horrible threat, that would encourage a publisher to move quickly, I'd say whoever did it would be a cinch for a Nobel Prize.  Meanwhile, there are copies to be found on Amazon, and Ebay and from various booksellers online...and you might want to look into my 100+ other titles, possibly you can find another favorite by the same author.