Mark Gerhard

November 7, 2015

Post #4163 – 20151107

OK, will work on complete redo of the publishing business. Just bought a copy of Wuggie Norple for $12 for my grandson. On a side note, in my Doodling, Napping and Daydreaming class at the GATE Academy in San Rafael we have completed reading the following: Alan Mendelson, The Last Guru, YobGorgle, Borgel, Wuggie Norple, I was a 2nd grade Werewolf, Guys from Space, Fat Men from Space, Aunt Lulu, Wempires, Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl. We are halfway through the Neddiad, and have Bushman Lives and the Ygnnesy on the shelf as well. Once in a while a kid suggests that we read something by another author, which I explain is against the rules. Any suggestions for what else to read upon finishing these gems? Some of the kids want to write a musical based on Alan Mendelson, I told them I’d tell you.

Daniel replies:

You've mentioned a bit over a dozen books by me, out of over a hundred.  Since the doodling, napping daydreamers are getting to be experts on my books, I'd say anything at all would help them in their work, which I assume will be creating a digital simulation of me in a very few years.