Hemu Nayak

September 29, 2015

Post #4142 – 20150929

Hey Mr. Pinkwater this is an unsolicited message saying – “You are great!”
I was sitting today on my couch reading ALAN MENDESON, the BOY FROM MARS, with my son about 30 some years after I first read it and loved it. It’s about the best book from my childhood. My son, Mohan loves it just as much decades later. Where is Klugarsh Mind Control offered for sale on this website? Can’t I get a copy of the Yojimbo Japanese English dictionary here? Don’t you sell cornmuffins and excellent hotchocolate?
This book should be back in print and in bookstores everywhere!

Daniel replies:

I had a dysfunctional family, a poor education, and insufficient talent to do things I wanted to do, so I became a writer.  Now I'm great.  Funny how things work out.  You can find many books of mine as Kindle editions on Amazon.  Some of them are good.  If Mohan liked Alan Mendelsohn, there may be others he likes too.