June 7, 2015

Post #4001 – 20150607

I noticed on your twitter the other day that you mentioned finishing a first draft. Is this for a new continuation of the Neddiad/Yggyssey/Catwiskered/Bushman sort-of series? Any possibility that you will be serializing online again?

Thank you,


Daniel replies:

No, it's something else, shorter. In the present corporate climate, I don't seem to be able to sell a novel as I sold all the others, with an advance in advance. Now they want to see a whole manuscript, or a goodly chunk plus an outline, before they will make a deal. I will share with you that in my experience book publishers tend to be strangely inartistic and venal. I happen to be in a position to avoid putting finished work before an undereducated office worker who will convey the decision of some committee thus, """"We'd like to publish this, on condition that you listen to our pathetic and unintelligent suggestions, and agree to make changes--in fact, show us the work incorporating our disgusting ideas, and then we'll pay."""" I may serialize or weblish something in the future, but for now my good agent has found me a couple of editors with 3-digit IQs, and I can turn a dollar doing picture books and chapters books, which is pleasant and satisfying.