Mike Duguay

May 18, 2015

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Mr. Pinkwater,
I have carefully molding, shaping, and otherwise opening the minds of the 4th grade youth of my fine community in Vermont for the past 20 yrs, in part by reading aloud Lizard Music at the start of the year and Borgel near the end. In between I read other stuff, but that's not important now.
Several of my students (who discovered our schools's vast Pinkwater collection) have noticed that you returned to the world of the Hoboken Chicken Emergency and wrote additional stories after some time.
Their question ( and mine), will there be more Chicken man/Victor/Lizard stories or Borgel/Melvin/Fafner stories?


Daniel replies:

Mr. Duguay --

If you've been carefully molding and shaping and otherwise opening the minds of fourth-graders for 20 years, probably some of them are in the 24th grade by this time, and may blame you for how things have turned out. Wouldn't it make sense to randomly mold, shape and open, and that way you could tell them, """"Hey, it's not my fault you happened to read those goofy books when you were younger.""""

But that is none of my business. I will answer your question: It is not a matter of what I may write, but what I may write that gets published. If a book isn't published, nobody will ever see it, so why bother to write it when I could be taking a nap instead? It used to be that publishers were people who published books. Now they are more like corporations that publish books. There is a subtle difference. Without going into details, I can tell you that it is less possible for me to predict what I will be writing in the future. However, I expect to be writing some kinds of things, and there are some books written in the recent past I can recommend.

Please salute your inquisitive students for me.