Doggy Mom

May 2, 2015

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Dear Daniel (and Jill)
I've been a reader of your books since I was 14, and now I am grown, and have a dog who I love. I have read Superpuppy and am desperately in need of your guidance. My otherwise wonderful, loving 3 year old big dog is going through a phase where he will suddenly lash out and bite out of nowhere. (Not me. Other people) Please email me- I am in desperate need of a dog trainer I can trust.

Daniel replies:

It's not a phase, it's a serious problem--and you're in desperate need of a dog trainer in your community. Check with your vet, and other local vets, for referrals, try internet sources and local advertising. Be judicious in your choice...anyone can claim to be a dog trainer. And do not delay! The problem is probably easily solved, but unless you take action it will get worse.