March 22, 2015

Post #3945 – 20150322

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater, I am a doodle class student, we cannot remember how many of your books we have read. We have a few questions that have accumulated over time, for starters, why are there so few books with girls in them, other than parents we haven't encountered any female characters. (I apologize if I'm distracted while writing, currently Mr. Garhard is reading "The Toothsmasher Superflash" out loud.) There are probably other questions that my fellow classmates will be spamming you with, if you take the time to read this (which, considering how much my classmates will be sending you it is unlikely that you will be able to respond to all of them) thank you so much for making it to the end of this note, I hope you respond, and you should DEFIANTLY write more books.
-Claire Ferguson, 7th Grade, GATE Academy

Daniel replies:

Let me see, female characters...there's Rat in the Snarkout Boys books, there's Loretta Fischetti in Looking for Bobowicz and The Artsy Smartsy Club, there's Yggdrasil in The Neddiad, The Yggssey, and Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl, Big Gloria in the Big Bob and Potato books...and there are others. I will definitely defiantly write more books.