Linda D.

March 22, 2015

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At a library used book sale about 14 years ago, I bought a rather intriguing title, AUNT LULU, for a buck. I brought it home. My daughter Olivia adored that book. We must have read it 1000 times. I had it memorized, she had it memorized. The cat had it memorized. But here's the thing. IT WAS ABOUT THE ONLY CHILDREN'S BOOK THAT DIDN'T DRIVE ME CRAZY READING 1000 TIMES because Lulu has some real chops, some real characterization going, a backstory — or many — and served as the coolest role model a young female could ever have.
Okay, flash forward to my daughter's late teen years. She, in typical teen fashion, no longer really speaks to me as I have little in the way of wisdom to share with her (her opinion; not mine). Anyway, a day or so ago, I mentioned – mainly to myself — that a friend of mine was having a "bring a favorite book" baby shower. Suddenly, my daughter making eye contact with me for the first time in weeks, spoke up, "Aunt Lulu, Mom; you must bring Aunt Lulu, to the shower!" And we spent a delightful, precious five minutes reciting our shared memories of the one-and-only Aunt Lulu.
First, I thank you for that.
Second, where oh where can I find a new copy of AUNT LULU? Why is no longer in print? It is a classic and further more, it has the power to unite generations. Okay, that might be a bit much, but it really is the truth in our case.
Mr. Pinkwater, if you know of a bookstore that might have a copy, please let me know. Like Aunt Lulu would do, I'll travel the world to find it.

Daniel replies:

First, I do not know why Aunt Lulu, or so many of my more than 100 titles, is out print. I have quit wondering. You do not mention having read other books of mine, but if you have you may have noticed that Aunt Lulu is of typical quality, not necessarily the best I can do, but up to a standard. And yet--the products are rare and always have been. Draw your own conclusions as to why this might be. And, of course, I have no idea where you can get a copy, try the usual spots, Amazon, Ebay, local thrift shops. Thank you for the kind words, and good luck.