Dana Stimpson

March 8, 2015

Post #3935 – 20150308

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Here is something I *think* I remember accurately:

During one of your wonderful visits to Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, you told a story about your efforts to trap and relocate some pesky raccoons that had been visiting your yard. One of them had a scar on its nose, and I think you had dubbed it "Old Scarnose" or something like that.

I remember more details from the story, but don't want to give them away here in case someone else wants to hear your telling of it, which is perfect.

I've been hunting for a copy of that story for years though – first to share with my father, who tried tackling a similar problem with squirrels (just north of Seattle) and now to share it with a friend who is trying to do the same thing with *the* rabbit that has been devouring his climbing hydrangea.

I'm a librarian. If a thing exists, I'm usually darned good at hunting it down and uncovering it. But try as I might, I haven't been able to track down this recording. I'm even beginning to doubt the accuracy of my own memory.

Did you indeed tell this story? And if so, is there a recording of it available to the public?

With gratitude,


Daniel replies:

I did tell that story, either on Weekend Edition, or All Things Considered. My wife had secured the help of the local animal warden in trapping raccoons, of which we had a surplus, and transporting them to a secret and unsanctioned location, a nearby National Park site. They got them with bananas, which apparently no raccoon can resist. The point was that the number of raccoons seemed not to diminish for long, and when """"Half-nose,"""" of distinctive appearance, turned up again, we realized they were making it back from the park, getting a banana and taking another ride.

I have no idea where to lay hands on the recording of the broadcast--it may be in the NPR archives. I leave it to your librarianish skills.