February 21, 2015

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Hi Daniel,

I am currently doing some research on Bushman and cannot believe all of the wonderful things I'm finding. One thing I'm stuck on is that I cannot find any information on The Bushman Society that formed after his death. By chance, when you were writing Bushman Lives! were you able to find anything out about them? In 1985 they held a memorial for the 35th anniversary of his death were folks recorded their memories of Bushman. This is the jewel I'm seeking. I'd love to be able to listen. Any leads you have would be very much appreciated.

fellow Bushman admirer,

Lucas Sifuente

Daniel replies:

I regret I did not come across anything about the Bushman Society, and have no leads to share with you. I'd love to know why you're researching this outstanding ape, and see what you've found. Bushman lives!