Rick Rundle

August 26, 2014

Post #3807 – 20140826

Sim sala bim, Danial love that you resurfaced on NPR. As I have gotten older my sharp mind has dulled a bit. But listening to your essays then going to your website has refreshed me like a babe being baptized. Friends of mine Bob Sirott & Marianne Murciano husband & wife on WGN 720 AM, noon show, not Don McNeal, not Paul Harvey but…. Marianne tries to get Bob to eat healthy, and of course Bob likes Chicago hot dogs. Loved your essay, did you know "Brigadoon" was just at the Goodman? You would be great on their show. "And I'll Never forget the day I read a book'. Thanks

Daniel replies:

What is it about hot dogs? When that piece first aired, I got a ridiculous number of emails and calls, people drove from Maine and Pennsylvania to find the hot dog joint I told about. Or is it something about me when I describe food? If I told what I actually eat, would I be inundated with notes from skinny non-leather-sandal-wearing octogenarians with a wild look in their eyes?