David Allen

August 14, 2014

Post #3789 – 20140814

Daniel – the correct car for you is the VW Touareg. It's a big powerful car that will make getting around so easy, but the best feature is the seat! It has the presets like you described in the BMW, BUT is has a feature that will retract the steering wheel and move the seat back all the way when the key is removed from the ignition. This makes it a dream to get in and out of. Then when you start the car the next time, the seat will return to your pre-programmed position. It can even make you preset remember your key so that other driver's won't disturb your settings – assuming they use their own key!

Daniel replies:

Even the VW New Beetle was quite accessible. (I think there are remarks of mine about it somewhere on the Car Talk website.) Apparently there are plenty of fat Germans, as most cars from there fit me nicely. I note your remarks about the Touareg, and should VW's advertising agency read this, I am available for a campaign aimed at Fat Americans, in exchange for large sums of money and a car. Dark blue, I think.