Luigi Attardi

July 22, 2014

Post #3763 – 20140722

Dear Mr Pinkwater,
I greatly appreciate Radio Mozart, and the sad fact of its unmerited money problems, as well as the importance of your Whole person, not least as a famous author, to the undertaking. I therefore feel compelled to tell you that I think the frequency of the related messages which you intersperse with the delightful music is way too great, at least these days. I think I remember a less obsessive itiretaion of these important aspects in broadcast days past. In any case, with gratitude and all best regards,
Luigi Attardi

Daniel replies:

Signor Attardi --

I fully agree with you. However I am only an announcer on the station, and not involved with technical matters and policy. Comments about the programming should be addressed to Radio Mozart, not to me. However, I can tell you this--Radio Mozart is brought to you via a carrier that runs commercial announcements. If you were listening in the USA you would hear loud commercials, disruptive, and totally unsuited to the music. I am guessing it's possible that the too frequent announcements, many in my voice, are a means of filling holes in the feed where the advertisements are meant to air in other countries. I too remember when it was truly all Mozart all the time, and have to remind myself that the ads for me, and too much Pinkwater for you, are the price we have to pay for Nicolas Goyet's superb choices of music...for the present. I look forward to a day when perhaps the station can be funded directly by the listeners with nothing extraneous.

Thank you for listening, and your kind remarks.