Robin Bjork

June 9, 2014

Post #3735 – 20140609

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I greatly enjoy your NPR commentaries about children%u2019s books.

My friend, Dr. Dr. Gay Bradshaw (, recently published a beautiful children%u2019s book (also for adults), The Elephant Letters. It is about 2 cousin elephants with the same birthdays%u2026one who gets captured and taken to a zoo and the other who remains free on the African Savanna. They exchange letters as they grow to adulthood, telling their happy and sad stories from each perspective. It is based in fact and fantasy and tells a tale for the ages of this magnificent intelligent animal society. From the forward by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick (Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and beautiful watercolors contrasting a rich African Savanna to a lonely gray zoo life, I get goose bumps thinking about it and have tears running down my face each time I have read it.

It is an important book, educating and giving children a meaningful way to contribute to saving elephants. I hope you will check it out and positively review it on NPR!

Sincerely, Robin Bjork (57 years old without children)

Daniel replies:

It sounds like a very nice book indeed. NPR stopped using my book talks two or three years ago. They never said why, or anything about it. I sometimes talk about books these days on the Bob Edwards Show on SiriusXM satellite radio, and Bob Edwards Weekend on some hundreds of public radio stations. The way it usually works is for the publishers to send me a copy, (they have my address), and if something looks likely, I propose it.