Bruce Harris

April 13, 2014

Post #3702 – 20140413

Radio Mozart: I love it, but is there any chance you might intervene on 2 irritants? 1: there is a newish (2 months or so) female voice that sometimes shouts "You are listening to Radio Mozart!". It has to be one of the most aggressive voices I have ever heard in any radio announcement and sounds completely out of place.

2: some pieces of music are cut off midstream no doubt because there is a digital end-of-track marker, even though the integrity of the music is ruined. E.g. the flute quartet where the second movement morphs into the third – we never get to the third. It used to happen with Exulstate jubilate too, but now a different – complete – version seems to be played. These are just two examples of a phenomenon that spoils what is otherwise a blissful experience.

Thanks for listening!


Daniel replies:

You appear to be in the UK, so your ignorance is forgivable, and I will enlighten you. 1. The voice you find aggressive is that of a popular and beloved broadcast professional in the midwestern United States, one Charity Nebbe.  She and I used to be on the same program carried nationally on NPR stations--people in the east, where there are still influences from the old country, found her sound took getting used to, but they came adore her, as do her listeners in the state of Iowa. Where you say aggressive, I would say bright, clear, and enthusiastic.  Mozart would agree.  2. Radio Mozart is a one-man operation, the creation of Nicolas Goyet, a journalist in Marseilles, France.  It's his hobby, although you'll agree he is peerless and surpasses many professionals in selection of performances.  Because the station is put together with limited resources, there are some rough edges.  But think about this, if you were listening in the US, you would be subjected to the most horrible and annoying commercial announcements, (something to do with his deal with the bandwidth supplier).  I note that you characterize listening as a near-blissful experience.  Near-blissful is pretty good, wouldn't you say?  Keep listening, it may get better.