Kjell Johansen

April 13, 2014

Post #3700 – 20140413

I'm listening to Radio Mozart while writing a report (my home email address is given above). Then you came on and mentioned your website. Your voice is so familiar because of all the times I have heard you on Bob Edward\'s talk show (XM Radio) but I never did make the connection to you on Radio Mozart until now. Your voice is the perfect accompaniment to the broadcast.
By the way, for the robot check, what if I were color blind, how would I be expected to know that red blue=purple? Now, about those darn commercials………………….

Daniel replies:

I am told commercials on Radio Mozart are only heard in USA, and (possibly less obnoxious commercials?) in France.  If you listen in the rest of the world, it's all good. The day may come when the commercials disappear...it's something to do with the bandwidth supplier.  There are a few other all-Mozart internet stations, I have listened to them, and they do not have the variety and superior performances selected by Nicolas Goyet on Radio Mozart.  Thanks for being in touch.