Brad Smith

April 4, 2014

Post #3673 – 20140404

Many years ago, a friend of mine lent me 5 Novels when I was having a sad time in my life. I enjoyed the stories a lot, and they really helped as I was getting myself turned back around. They also turned me on to the art of chili making, which subsequently became a significant part of my life!

Recently I came across a copy of Lizard Music, and since I have had a lifelong obsession with lizards, I am very excited to read this book!

Thanks for your writings.

Daniel replies:

Writing a book, I have to say I'm not giving a thought to it being of any use to anyone, or helping anyone feel better.  I'm actually having fun putting the thing together, much as someone would have fun cooking or building a birdhouse.  Then, years later, someone tells me something I wrote gave them some relief when they were sad, and they learned about something important, like chili-making.  Pretty nice.