Akela Reason

January 15, 2014

Post #3614 – 20140115

You came to my class when I was a wee first grader, which made such a huge impression on me. Now I am a very grown-up mom. My boys have just discovered Larry and Roy and Irving and Muktuk. We love them. I wish these books were still in print. My kids are very curious to know why Irving and Muktuk are known as Bear Number One and Bear Number Three in the Larry books? We have not been able to get our hands on all of the series yet–does the answer lie in one of the books that we have not read?

Daniel replies:

No, it is never explained.  I frequently do not explain things.  But I will explain this so you can then explain it to your sons, and appear smart.  Irving and Muktuk are their regular bear names, but being the way they are, they don't give those out right away.   Bear Number One, and Bear Number Three are their zoo designations.  Obviously, Roy is Bear Number Two, and Larry has never been a zoo bear.