December 2, 2013

Post #3584 – 20131202

Mr. Pinkwater,
Years ago, coming out of adolescence, I wrote to you offering to carry you around on a bicycle. I believe you declined my offer, politely explaining that you wouldn't fit in since you had given up cycling in favor of your trusty pogo stick. I was, regardless, delighted that you had taken the time to respond. My early childhood through adolescence was spent reading your stories, passed down by my much older siblings. Now as a dimwitted adult I find myself reading your stories aloud to small children and my wife. The stories lull them to sleep- I don't know if that has to do with the late hour or the subject matter- and so I thought I should thank you again for your magnificent library, which now allows me to spend hours in quietude as the miniature masses slumber. Best of luck in the future, and again, thank you very much!


Daniel replies:

Do you still have the bicycle?  I'm reaching an age when pogoing might be a bit undignified.