Lonny Baptiste

September 27, 2013

Post #3522 – 20130927

I LOVED these books as a kid!! Other books by other authors, I mean.
Tolstoy, great intro for a five-year-old. But I digress.
My son came home with a picture book written by you and
illustrated by Jack E. Davis. The Picture of Morty and Ray–
fun, fun, laugh-out-loud take on The Oval Portrait by Poe, with a
Jean-Luc Godard twist, fully fed through the Pinkwater mind.
And my kid laughed out loud also. BUT WHY is there this pizza
motif throughout the illustrations….I would love to know what
Davis is trying to tell us. I mean, the handsome guy is modeled after
the Hungarian-American talent Bebop Lugosi. A very talented trump
player he was. But the pizza! It clearly means something.

Daniel replies:

Wait!  Oscar Wilde stole the idea from Poe?  I don't know what the pizza-pie meant, maybe Davis was referencing pizza-Poe.