Joy Layton

August 29, 2013

Post #3509 – 20130829

Dear Daniel and associated minions,
I am the mother of two daughters who both love one another and hate one another passionately. This is demonstrated frequently while I am driving them somewhere and many times you have saved us from certain immolation either by verbal fireworks or by car wreck caused by distraction. How, you may ask? By the use of an old audiotape of yours- The Best of Daniel Pinkwater- Everyday Life. To my great sorrow, I had to sell my 14 year old van to buy a less decrepit 9 year old van and it has no tape player, only a CD player. I have searched your site and the ubiquitous, and can find no CDs of Everyday Life. Please help me Daniel and minions- I need to be able to quickly slide a dose of Pinkwater into the slot to prevent loss of life and sanity. And as lovely as your other books are, which I can find a few of on CD, nothing holds back mayhem between two pubescent girls like Everyday Life. How can I get this salvation, read in Daniel's voice, back in my own life before the inevitable Hiroshima of arguments occurs?

with much desperation,
Joy Layton

Daniel replies: about you download Fischwhistle from Amazon, and have your awful children read to one another?  (I adapted this good idea from something I saw on The Dog Whisperer.  I bet it works.)