August 13, 2013

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Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I think I am all grown up. I am even a Mom to an almost four year old boy whose favorite book is the Big Orange Splot (on many days).

I am also a big fan and wish I could have grown up reading your books. Since I did not grow up in the U.S., I only discovered your existence when my husband gave me the Neddiad to read. Of course, I read many more of your books since. My favorite one is Lizard Music. But then there is Adam Mendhelson: Boy from Mars. Or Yobgorgle. It is crowded at the top. Tonight I will continue reading Borgel. So maybe next week that ends up on the list too.

When discussing kids and imagining how they will grow up, my husband and I have a phrase to describe someone we think will end up being interesting (unconventional, intriguing and overall fascinating to be around) %u2013 he/she will like Pinkwater%u2019s books.

I grew up in Croatia and while there were many good children%u2019s books written by local authors, I cannot share any of them with you because I can be quite certain you do not speak a word of Croatian. However, I thought you would enjoy this cartoon. It was my favorite growing up and a major reason I wanted to be a scientist. It is called Professor Balthazar. He is a genius inventor who comes up with fantastically terrific stuff. Reminds me of you.


Daniel Pinkwater, you make people%u2019s life better. To quote Richard Scarry (my son%u2019s other favorite author), best books are children%u2019s books and best writers are children%u2019s writers.


Daniel replies:

I doubt you are all grown up.  This is a good thing.  I do have a physical resemblance to Professor Balthazar, but I don't have a nice hat like his.  Apparently you're wrong in guessing I don't speak a word of Croatian--I understood every word in the cartoons, very similar to English actually.  Richard Scarry is right of course.