Robertson Thacher

August 3, 2013

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We have a skunk who lives in our back yard whom my kids and I have (affectionately!) named Daniel Stinkwater. (I hope you hear this as the heartfelt tribute we intend). This did get me thinking, though, as someone who had to suffer through some uninvited nicknaming in my younger days: have you ever been tormented by unwanted nicknames? Mean-spirited rhymes, unimaginative comments on personal attributes, etc?

Robertson, a/k/a Fat Bobby

Daniel replies:

I like skunks!  They are sweet-natured animals, and friendly.  (Don't get too friendly with them though, because they are carriers of rabies).  I do not mine the smell of skunk perfume--a good thing, since my dog's head smells of it for the past week or so.  My nickname in school was, ""Please don't hit me, Daniel.""