natalie Wrigley

July 16, 2013

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I am so lucky to have discovered you today! I picked up a couple of books on cd from the library to listen to on road trip from Hartfordto the Adirondacks. The Neddiad has kept us entertained all day. My seven year old son keeps saying "what a great story" and it is, we were hooked after the discription and explanation of how the father became so rich and of course the cast of "characters" are great. fortunately or unfortunately our road trip is not as exciting. not even a ghost in our hotel room:)

imagine my surprise when I looked you up and you maybe close by in upstate new York. We would love to stop by and say "Hi" , not quite as great as hooking up with Aaron Flynn but close!!

Take care,

natalie and Owen

Daniel replies:

There's a Neddiad CD available?  I don't think anyone ever thought to send me a copy.  This is how authors are treated.  You can't always tell if there's a ghost in your hotel room.  Sometimes they're shy.