Daniel E. Kennedy

June 27, 2013

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Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

Was re-reading "Borgel" for the millionth time, and was wondering

1) Have you thought about doing any other sequel to Borgel, or any of your other classic books besides Hoboken Chicken Emergency?

2) I am a musician who has, at least in principle, been greatly influenced by your work. One of my newest pieces is entitled "Chef Chow's Hot and Spicy Oil," could be considered "Fan Art" in some respects, and could be heard here if you're at all curious:


…it's the second video.

I don't know how much you get into this style of music. While I feel certain that Gordon Whillikers would appreciate it, most people would probably say that it ain't Beethoven.

But I am curious as to the breadth of your musical tastes, so my question is that.

3) I am also a fan of Bud Grace, the creator of the Piranha Club (formerly Ernie) comic strip. I always thought that your prose shared a certain dadaistic, vaudevillian aesthetic, and was wondering if you are also a fan? Whether the two of you have met? And whether you meet for a seafood dinner sometimes?

I hope you don't take offense to this artistic comparison. Your stuff is way better. I don't mean to automatically assume you like him. He's a jerk, isn't he?

That's all my questions, but I would be a plumb fool not to take this opportunity to obsequiously squirm in the grassy dirt before your greatness. From your novellas to your autobiography, you have given me and so many others so much. Your autobiography in particular is SO inspiring to artists, musicians, sculptors, writers. At least it has been for me.

I bet there is a whole generation of Pinkwater-inspired creative types out there. Must feel good! Your legacy is truly one to be proud of. I wish I could describe what your books have meant to me. I hope you continue to write until I die an old man.

Thank You for all you have done,

~Daniel E. Kennedy

Daniel replies:

My autobiography?  I wrote an autobiography?  Damn, it seems to have completely slipped my mind.  Well, I'll take your word for it.  And I was just thinking I would write one.  Maybe I'll write my sister's autobiography instead. 

You're typical of my readers. They rate me higher than I deserve because I'm all they've got. Sad, really.

I watched/listened/dug the mandala/music/yantra thing you provided a link to. It's brilliant. This is exactly the kind of art I wanted to make, only I had no idea how, before I got sidetracked into the books thing. If Beethoven could have experienced it, it would have straightened his wig.