Lee Hollman

April 8, 2013

Post #3376 – 20130408


I’ve been a fan since age 6, and haven’t looked back. I’m 42 now, teaching special education to students in the Bronx. I try to interest them in you whenever possible. I see you’re in upstate NY, not far from my in-laws. If you have time this summer, can I get you a sandwich or something? I know you likely get many requests from fans, so I’ll understand if a persona meet-and-greet isn’t in the cards.

I only thought of you because, well… I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately, and The Big Orange Splot made me happy. It was a nice memory re-lived.



Daniel replies:

It's usually disappointing to meet an artist you admire.  In my case, when fans meet me they usually wind up looking like they feel sorry for me.  With this in mind, if you still want to say hello you can give me a call when you're in the neighborhood.  Not saying I'll necessarily be available to meet.  OK?