D Williamson

March 7, 2013

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My students and I are reading The Blue Moose. We are trying to find out where he is now. We are imagining all the places he might be and making postcards for him to send to Mr. Breton. Could he send a message to us and let us know what places he has visited lately ? We hope that he is having great adventures!

Many thanks!

Daniel replies:

I forwarded your post to the moose, and got this reply from him:

Dear Pink Water,

Of course, I do not send postcards so much these days.  Since I got the Hoofpad--I mostly email.  I have been visiting places where moose live--here in North America, and also in countries not on this continent.  These include...wait, maybe it would be fun for the kids to find out where I have been.

D. Williamson, and students!  Can you tell me where I may have gone to visit my fellow moose?

Please forward this for me, Mr. Pinkwater.

Your friend,


P.S.  Weren't you going to talk to me about paying for the use of my life story in your moose books?  What happened with that?