Dorothea Floriana Hume

February 27, 2013

Post #3301 – 20130227

Hi. I have read your books since second grade. Now I am thirteen. Not bored yet. I have some questions for a report on you that I am writing for my English class. 1. What happens to your manuscripts when the editor is done with them? 2. Are you still eating junk food? 3. Your characters are kind of funny and random. Were you an outsider as a kid? 4. Can you still make friends when you write all the time?
That’s it I guess. Hope you can answer some of this.

Daniel replies:

1. I have them fumigated.

2. No.  What's more I really didn't ever very much.  I know I wrote about it.  This is called literary license.
3.  I was, but I was not aware that I was.  I thought _they_ were outsiders.
4. No.  Well maybe via the internet.  In fact, you are my best friend.

Thank you for writing to me.