Virgil Kay

February 15, 2013

Post #3285 – 20130215

Crow Boy is awesome. Bushman is your absolute best after that trio,
Lizard Music, Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars, The Worms of Kukumlima.
Plus eighty others. I see four books being placed in a space capsule. Or in
a cave by the National Archives.

Speaking of precious commodities:
Twinkies can be found in some form in spite of Hostess going pffffft. Short list:
Little Debbies makes a reasonable Twinkie. Vachon Cakes of Canada makes one,
but in limited quantities. Concord Bakeries of Concord Bakeries makes a good
version of the Twinkie. Note: Devotees will discern an obvious difference. The
real reason Hostess went down is because the ingredients were special. You
can’t fake what’s unique. Just like there will never be another Pinkwater.
Lots of silly people, but not astute, renaissance man-meets-1950 DeSoto 4 Door Custom Carry-All as we have here. Do widzenia.

Daniel replies:

When is someone going to open a rehab facility for twinkie addicts?  Little Debbie is the Angel of Death.  Why doesn't anyone get that the whole meaning of Bushman Lives is that the human race should do its best to avoid refined sugar?  Have I failed?  Has my life been without meaning?  Ahhhhhh!