Roger Pekor

January 24, 2013

Post #3261 – 20130124

I called your phone number today. Or so I thought. I thought it would be extremely clever to call your number, say “neeble neeble” and hang up. A woman answered and while I was disappointed it wasn’t Daniel Manus Pinkwater (and I have heard this man on the radio–he does not sound anything like a woman) I blurted “neeble neeble” and hung up. Minutes later I got an email from my wife. “You idiot,” she wrote. “I was in a business meeting and you called just so you could say “nibble nibble!?” I fessed up and she got the best laugh. Moral:
NEVER try to prank the DMP.

Daniel replies:

You're old enough to have a wife and you did that?  And she laughed when you told her about it?  No, don't explain or tell me any more.  I don't want to know.