January 16, 2013

Post #3251 – 20130116

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I have always wanted to know what Walter Galt, Winston Bongo, and Rat did next. How do their lives turn out? Does Uncle Flipping ever finish his inventions? I wish they had another adventure! Is Wallace Nussbaum ever defeated? What happens to his orangutans?
I am almost 40 and these questions have eaten away at me for years. Please let me know!

Daniel replies:

There was supposed to be at least one more book, _I Snarked with a Zombie_ but during the time I've been writing publishers became more like today's kind of corporation that has gone such a long way toward spoiling is not OK to just make a profit, it has to be an obscene profit...and if a project doesn't hit high numbers right away it's instantly abandoned in favor of something else, and they publish way way way too many books so the individual publishers wind up competing with themselves and books push each other out of the way.  So, because even though I am a serious artist and everything, I'm also a commercial writer and make my living by doing books, I have to accommodate the insane way things are done by the industry...and that is why you never saw the sequel.  I suggest you read _The Neddiad_ and the three books that follow it, maybe you'll get addicted to those like you did to the Snarkout books, but I have to warn you, the publisher bailed on the fifth book in that series, so you will end up being eaten away at by similar questions.  Personally, I think that may be a good thing.  I sort of like it that you've been thinking about stuff I've written for years and years.