Kevin Fagen

November 11, 2012

Post #3175 – 20121111

You’ve been known to thoroughly argue both sides in a debate which concerns public interest and civil service matters, such as the right of public employees to strike. What is your position on the new ( and highly controversial) walking school bus programs, secretly funded by DHS?

Daniel replies:

It is untrue that I argue any side of any issue.  My mental process is limited to recalling little vignettes based on my personal experience, and relating them in no particular order, and without purpose.  When I began first grade, I was walked to school by my mother, then by my older sister--for a short period.  The family then began giving some older kid a dime per week to walk with me.  Naturally, the older kid abandoned me and streaked ahead as soon as we were around the corner, so I made my way through the streets of Chicago solo.  I enjoyed these walks, and remember them with pleasure.  Various sites and sights were highlights--possibly my favorite was the poultry market, which featured a window through which I could see into the basement where many fowl milled around uncaged, many of them admirable.  Scholars will find this account of interest because of the chicken connection.